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This controller allows you to achieve the AAA-level character locomotion quality of motion matching without the learning curve. All character configuration and tuning is handled by our controller and meant to be easily integrated into your existing mechanics (with a small amount of scripting knowledge).


This asset requires Motion Matching for Unity (MxM) and can't work without it.

It combines (and requires) the fantastic Motion Matching for Unity (MxM) asset and Kubold's Movement Animset Pro with custom animations and code to provide realistic AAA-grade crouch, walk, run, sprint, procedural jumping, falling, and landing for your games and projects without having to learn how to configure motion matching yourself.

Included Features:

  • Idles, and all-direction crouch, walk, run, and sprint
  • Procedural Jump, midair, and landing behavior
  • Automatic landing variants: normal, hard landing with clear forward path (front roll), hard landing with obstructed path (stationary landing to idle)
  • Configuration wizard to create new fully-configured characters from your models or modify existing characters in your scenes
  • Easy blend in/out of motion-matching mode to integrate with your other character behaviors, animations, and controllers.

What this asset is:

  • A well-tuned and configured motion-matching locomotion setup for humanoid characters and players to crouch, walk, run, and sprint like the demo video, which can be integrated via scripting with other controllers, functionality, and toolkits to provide a full game/project experience
  • Scripts and behaviors for realistic procedural jumping, falling, and landing
  • A configuration wizard for configuring this controller with your humanoid character models
  • A mechanism to leverage the amazing power and movement precision of motion-matching without having to deeply learn and configure the motion matching asset. Extension and modification of the motion-matching or other behaviors of this controller requires coding and knowledge of the assets involved.

What this asset is not:

  • A zero-lift all-in-one player and character controller: It handles locomotion and that's all for now
  • A no-code integration solution (if you're looking for low- or no-code, it's probably best to wait for our Game Creator 2 integration (coming soon!) or request an integration with your preferred game toolkit)


  • Strider for smooth transitions from idle to walk, walk to run, and run to sprint.
  • Final IK (For Grounder, but Full Body Biped IK rig is configured automatically for your character as part of our configuration wizard) for proper foot placement on uneven terrain and ground surfaces (like stairs).


Requests for integrations with existing controllers, game toolkits, and other assets should be made in the integration request channel of our discord (link below) and, if enough users want the feature, they'll be included in an update or split out as a separate integration asset based on difficulty/complexity of the integration and amount of predicted support required.

There is no affiliation between this package/publisher and Kubold, but this package was independently built to utilize Movement Animset Pro

This asset is in active development, with more features to be added periodically based both on planned additions and user feedback (see Discord link below to give feedback)!

For support and requests, use our Discord or email

Major Components

MMLC is organized into two major components:

  • NGCharacterBase -> NGPlayerController and NGNonPlayerController: Handles characters' main business logic for jumping, fall detection, landing, and other abilities (coming soon)
  • NGCharacterControllerWrapper: Handles MxM and MMLC's interaction with the Unity CharacterController to move the character

The behavior of MMLC is driven by configuration of these components, and through the use of configuration Scripted Objects:

  • NGJumpSettings: Contains all configuration for jumping, falling, and landing

Folder Structure

MMLC imports into Assets\Plugins\Threepeat\MMCLocomotion with the following structure, but feel free to move them wherever makes sense for your project:

  • Plugins/Threepeat/MMCLocomotion

    • Animations: contains all source animations for jumping and landing. All other animations come from the (not included) Movement Animset Pro.

    • Configs: contains jump settings scriptable objects and InputManager presets.

    • models: Any models, textures, materials, and other assets necessary for the asset

    • Demos: Example Scenes, for testing MMLC install

    • Editor: Custom Inspectors and Editor Windows

    • MotionMatching: All MxM-related configuration files for MMLC

    • Integrations: Contains importable unity packages for Final IK and Strider integrations (more to come!)

    • Scripts: contains all source code