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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don't like < Insert Thing Here > !

That thing could be a tuning choice, locomotion realism shortfall due to gapped animations, or anything else that bugs you.

Tell us about it on Discord or via email at

We want MMLC to be a AAA-quality locomotion controller and it is the base for all our upcoming controllers, so any feedback that brings us closer to that goal and would improve the asset is much needed and appreciated.

The character consistently glitches, pops or freezes during certain maneuvers: what do I do?

If this is happening consistently on the same trajectory/maneuver (e.g. always when player is running in tight left-turning circles), it's likely due to a gap in the blend space smoothing or animation coverage. Make a video and post on the discord and I'll try and fill in the gap.

I want to switch between Motion-Matching and my animations, how do I do that?

See Completed Examples section

The camera in the demos isn't the best! Why?

Like any of the demo/example features not directly relating to input or locomotion mechanics, the demo camera is provided to make the demo work and to make prototyping easier. Please replace this with a better production camera controller, your users will thank you. Well, they actually won't, but they should. And they definitely will thank you if you release this camera controller first and then put a real one in. This assumes there are any users left after shipping with this awful camera, of course.

Why do all the classes start with NG?

TP would be the most obvious prefix for Threepeat, but that looks like an abbreviation for "toilet paper", which would give the wrong impression of our code quality. NG was the original prefix used for all these classes/objects, since they've mostly come from one of our current games in development: Non Grata.

All my materials are pink, what do I do?

Easy fix! The materials in the package are set up for BIRP (Built-in Render Pipeline), so if you're using URP or HDRP, just Upgrade all materials to URP/HDRP: Edit -> Rendering -> Materials -> Convert all Built-in Materials to URP/HDRP

When I try to use Final IK effectors (arms and feet), the character's elbow/knee joints contort very unnaturally.

This happens when a character in T-pose is used to create your character in the config wizard. In T-Pose, Final IK can't figure out the proper rotation axis of the elbows and knees because they're completely extended. For the included Hoodie Guy asset, use the hoodieguy_model prefab as shown in the below screenshot. For other/custom models, create a prefab and bend the elbows and knees roughly as shwon in the below screenshot. useprefab