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Demo Scenes and Examples

The MMLC unitypackage contains an example scenes (Assets\Plugins\Threepeat\MMLocoParkour\Demos) with a fully-configured Humanoid-rigged character to demonstrate all of the functions:

Update - Animation Set Change Helper tool Now Available!

There is now an option in Config Wizard -> Help and Utilities tab to change the animation set for all active/enabled MxMAnimator's (MMLC Characters) in the scene:

Change AnimData

  1. Select your desired animation set in the Override AnimData dropdown, then click Change AnimData for all Active MMLC Characters in Scene.
  2. That's it!


The FinalIKGrounder demo scene will only work if you've setup your project and that scene as described in the Using MMLPDemoScene_With_FinalIKGrounder Demo Scene section of Configuration - Final IK Grounder.

Behavior Action (if needed)
Move camera mouse
zoom camera mouse wheel
Running Arrow keys
smooth walk/run transitions (Requires Strider for maximum smoothness) Use Gamepad, joystick, or any input axis with graduated [-1,1] values
Sprint Left Shift (Hold)
Crouch Left Ctrl - Only Available with Optional Animation Sets integrated
Crouch walk Arrow keys or joystick while crouching - Only Available with Optional Animation Sets integrated
Jump Spacebar
Big Jump Hold Spacebar for > 0.35 seconds or press spacebar while sprinting
Fall detection Run off of an elevated platform, player will detect falling and switch to Falling Blend-Space based on forward speed
Normal/Hard/Rolling Landing Based on impact speed with the ground when landing, Player will immediately resume whatever behavior they were doing prior to the jump or falling condition (Normal), execute a hard landing event with a forward roll (if the path ahead of them is clear), or execute a hard landing event in place (if path ahead of them is blocked)


If you arrived at this page from Installation Step 3, you can continue with configuring your own custom player character at Configuration - Character

Completed Examples

  • Blending between MMLC and the animator (including with Avatar Mask to simultaneously use MMLC and the Animator): See Example_ToggleAnimatorOnKey

  • Toggle whether character is able to run or only walk: See Example_ForceWalkOnKey

  • Programmatic Jump triggering: See Example_MakeCharacterJumpWhenYouPressGKey

  • Change a NavMesh-driven character's destination: See Example_SetNavMeshTargetOnLKey

  • Switch between NavMesh and InputSystem or InputManager at runtime: See Example_SwitchInputSchemeToInputSystemOnKey, Example_SwitchInputSchemeToNavMeshOnKey, and Example_SwitchInputSchemeToInputManagerOnKey

Completed Tutorials

All tutorials are available on our Youtube:

Scripts from Youtube Tutorials

Working with Mecanim Part 1, Example_ToggleAnimatorTheNewWay.cs