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Supported Unity/Pipeline Version

This asset works in 2019+, but 2021 LTS or later is recommended.

Definitions and Notes

  • MMLC - Motion-Matching Locomotion Controller (This asset)
  • MxM - Motion-Matching for Unity (Animation Uprising) asset
  • MAP - Movement Animset Pro (Kubold) asset

Creating Project and Installing Dependencies

The packages below are required and must be installed prior to the Motion-Matching Locomotion Controller (MMLC).


Everything in Installations steps 1 and 2 are for dependency packages and not directly related to the MMLC asset itself. If you encounter any issues during the installation of these assets, please check with their respective forums, manuals, and communities for fastest assistance.

Installation steps - 1 - Project Creation and Dependency Packages


These instructions are for Unity 2021 LTS. If any of these steps don't work exactly as expected in your Unity version, google likely has you covered, but please reach out on discord if you're stuck.

If you prefer a video walkthrough of these steps, that can be found here:

  1. Create Unity Project with your desired pipeline (Skip this step if you already have a project)
  2. (Optional, for speed): Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor -> Parallel Import: set to true
  3. Make sure Burst is installed in Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry. Install if not already installed.
  4. Make sure Mathematics is installed in Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry. Install if not already installed.
  5. Install Collections in Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry
  6. Install InputSystem in Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry
    1. If you're not prompted to use the new input system (if you are, click YES), go to Project Settings -> Other Settings -> Configuration and set Active Input Handling to "Both". Another way to find this settings is to type Active Input into the search box in the upper right of the Project Settings window.
  7. Use Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry -> + to add packages by name:
    1. com.unity.playablegraph-visualizer
    2. (if not present and installable from Unity Registry list)
  8. Install Cinemachine from Package Manager -> Packages: Unity Registry
  9. Install Motion Matching for Unity
  10. (Optional, but highly recommended) Install Strider (Highly recommend clicking Skip on the dependencies popup, since we've already installed them and there's one (package-manager-ui) that is obsolete and will break projects in Unity 2020 and later.)
    1. Double click on Assets\Plugins\AnimationUprising\Strider\Integrations\StriderMxMIntegration and click import to import StriderBipedMxM integration.
    2. Double click on Assets\Plugins\Threepeat\MMCLocomotion\Integrations\Strider_Integration and click import to import MMCLocomotion/Strider integration.
  11. (Optional, but highly recommended) Install Final IK
    1. At time of writing this documentation, importing Final IK transient warnings/errors, which can be cleared and ignored as they are self-correcting.
    2. Double click on Assets\Plugins\Threepeat\MMCLocomotion\Integrations\FinalIK_Integration and click import to import MMCLocomotion/Strider integration.

Installation steps - 2 - Project Settings

  1. Make sure your ground layers are set up (Demos expect Layer 10 to be GrounderOnly and 11 to be GrounderIgnore, but that can be adjusted as needed by changing the layers of all the stairs and prism objects in the demo environment prefab to whichever layers your project uses for GrounderOnly and GrounderIgnore, respectively). See Configuration - Final IK Grounder for more information.

Installation steps - 3

  1. Install MMLC from the Package Manager.
    1. Import MMLP UnityPackage, confirm no errors in console.
  2. If you see pink materials in any of the prefabs or demo scenes: Upgrade all materials to HDRP: Edit -> Rendering -> Materials -> Convert all Built-in Materials to (HDRP/URP)
  3. Open the relevant example scene for your configuration to confirm all advertised functions work as expected before moving on to setting up custom characters and behavior. The table below shows appropriate example scene based on installed dependencies (MxM and MAP are required and assumed to be installed):
Strider Final IK Demo Scene (in Assets/Plugins/Threepeat/MMCLocomotion)
- - Demos/MMLCDemo_Core
- Demos/MMLCDemo_Core_Strider
- Demos/MMLCDemo_Core_FinalIK

Information on key bindings and features of the demo scenes can be found here: Demo Scene

A video walkthrough of Testing the Installation can be found here:

Installation - Optional Animation Sets

Each Animation Set has 3 steps. Kubold's Movement Animset Pro (MAP) will be used for this purpose, but Female Movement Animset Pro (FMAP), Mocap Online's Mobility Pro (MOB) can be used interchangeably:

Prior to installation of the animation set asset, the desired animation set should appear as a single line in Config Wizard's Dependency Checks Tab (See Optional Animation Set Integrations -> Movement Animset Pro (MAP) (Optional)...)):

Config Wizard Dependencies prior to MAP installation

  1. Import Animation Set Asset: e.g. Movement Animset Pro from Kubold (can delete all scripts and playmaker stuff, since that's not needed and just causes errors)

    1. To avoid Playmaker-related errors either uncheck MovementAnimSetPro/PlayMakerAdditionalActions from the Import Unity Package dialog, or delete that directory after import.

    The Movement Animset Pro line will remain grayed out, but the reason will change from Main Pkg not installed, Integration Pkg not installed to just Integration Pkg not installed:


  2. Click Ping Integration Package and double click the MovementAnimsetPro_Integration unity package to install the MMLC integration package.

    The Movement Animset Pro line will turn green, showing the dependency is fully added and ready to use. There's still one more step to modify the FBX files to fix animation settings for use with motion matching and to inject NGFootstepEvent events for all of the footstep occurrences in the animation set.


  3. Click on Modify FBX Prefabs and confirm to modify the Movement Animset Pro prefabs for use with MMLC.

    Now Both lines are green and you're fully ready to use MAP with MMLC.


  4. In the Config Wizard -> Character Setup tab, you'll now see Movement Animset Pro available in the Stopgap animation data selector:


Repeat for any other animation sets.